Your holiday in Malcesine on Lake Garda - Activities

Your holiday in Malcesine, on Lake Garda, is based on sports, nature, history and a high-quality food & wine selection.

Malcesine’s climate is particularly mild and pleasant: your days will be enjoyable and full of different activities.

Travellers looking for an active holiday on Lake Garda will love the wide range of water sports: sailing, kitesurfing and windsurfing, or attend a dive course, participate in trekking tours on the hills and reach the peaks of Monte Baldo, also using the Malcesine Cableway. You can go along the picturesque bike routes around Lake Garda on foot, by bike or on horseback, surrounded by the extravagant Mediterranean vegetation, rich in olive trees and lush trees.

vacanza a malcesine sul lago di garda - le vele
The Fraglia della Vela in Malcesine organises unforgettable sports event on Lake Garda, while adults and kids will love the fun parks nearby: Gardaland, Canevaworld and the Movie Studios, the Parco Natura Viva, the Zoo Safari and the Parco Giardino Sigurtà.

You can choose to visit the magic small medieval town of Malcesine, with its defensive walls and the ancient, narrow cobbled streets The Palazzo Capitani and Castello Scaligero (castle) are the stage for thrilling stories of knights and ladies. One of the castle’s rooms is dedicated to the famous German poet, Goethe, who was in love with Malcesine. One day he was prisoned and accused of being a spy, while he was quietly painting the castle profile, on a small boat navigating on Lake Garda.

This is the reason why Malcesine, on Lake Garda, is the ideal romantic destination for artists and lovers, looking for a source of inspiration.

The modern Malcesine Cableway connects Malcesine with San Michele. From there tourists will enjoy a breath-taking view, also thanks to the special rotating cable, which turns around while lifting tourists from 1000 to 1780 metres, thus offering a the 360 degree panoramic view on Lake Garda. Once you have reached to the top
of Monte Baldo you can enjoy the easy ski fields during the winter and try the breath-taking experience of paragliding and hang gliding during the spring and the summer, finishing with the exciting landing around Lake Garda. Mountain-bike lovers can descend the hill down to the lakeshores.

Golf courses on the shores of Lake Garda will make golf lovers happy. Or you can enjoy an entertaining boat trip on the old vessel.

Lake Gardais rich in history and entertainments, a gorgeous place, featuring activities and events, held in the ancient and picturesque towns. The rich fauna includes herons, swans and seagulls. The food & wine selection includes excellent fish specialties and famous wines like Lugana or Bardolino. Less but not least a very tasteful olive oil.

The entertainment range is infinite:  Gardaland, Canevaworld and the Movie Studios, the Parco Natura Viva, the Zoo Safari and the Parco Giardino Sigurtà.

Or you can practice sports, along the bike routes or walking paths. And let us not forget the thermal baths! You can access Baldo, Lessinia and Valpolicella very easily from Lake Garda.